"You see things; and you say - Why? But I dream things that never were; and I say - Why not ?“ – George Bernard Shaw


Esylys is a start-up company, focusing on renewable energy and energy management projects.


ESYLYS, TrEST Research Park
TC4/2322, GEM Building, Sreekaryam, Trivandrum, Kerala, 695016

+91-77368 66386 info@esylys.com
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Our Projects

Project BPCL: Pressure Reduction Turbine Replacement

Our first project as a company, in collaboration with Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL), in Kochi, Kerala, India.

Even a simple solution such as a turbine replacement requires complex mathematical analysis to determine the dynamic operation in the absence of a physical prototype. Esylys developed a digital twin of the existing system and developed a real time numerical model for the Pressure Reduction Turbine (PRT) model to demonstrate the real-time working of the retrofit.

The working of the system was provided as a black box to the user through a customized web app which could change simulation  parameters based on user-defined input. This enabled the user to change inputs and see for themselves how the digital twin of the turbine unit performed numerically in real time.

Floodline Map

A flood mitigation strategy designed as a part of the FLOWS proposal submitted to the EOI put up by Kerala Startup Mission(KSUM) in collaboration with Kerala Strategic Development and Innovation Council(KDISC). This proposal is in the final stages of acceptance.

At present, we have developed a flood-line mapping simulation and an alert tool for controlled river channel flow. Based on user input of the rainfall expected and preset controls for reservoir discharge, we were able to develop a tool that shows the risk of flooding in an area. This disaster mitigation strategy displays dynamic variations in water levels based on input data and can be used as a predictive tool for disaster mitigation. The main advantage of this simulation is the incorporation of human intervention in dam discharge control. This has been a recurring problem in Kerala for the past few years and we believe it will be a path-breaking innovation in disaster mitigation and management

Currently, we are improving the computational back-end modelling river channel flow and control system mechanics. As this helps the general public, the final platform is planned to be made open source

Project: HiPr-Bio

This idea submitted by Esylys to the government of Kerala is a deviation from our usual thermo-fluid system simulations. In this case, instead of a digital twin, the focus is to construct an actual plant.  Our initiative stemmed from recognizing the lack of proper infrastructure to efficiently manufacture biogas.

Scrubberless biogas production is a novel idea that we are developing in collaboration with the College of Engineering, Trivandrum and Trivandrum Research(TrEst) Park. Apart from submitting the idea, the role of Esylys is to:

  • To virtually analyse several possibilities of pressurising biogas into cylinders
  • Using scrubber-less designs for cleaning impurities
  • Providing a cloud-based open-source platform for students to perform simulations in the future

Thermal Recovery

Ongoing process optimization project in Kochi Special Economic Zone (SEZ) with a thermal recovery retrofit. The complete system was simulated and thermally optimized to achieve an overall cost reduction during operations.